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National Sawdust, New York City
Nimoy Theater, UCLA, Los Angeles

Directed by Austin Regan
Created by Austin Regan, Max Greyson, Jerron Herman, and Molly Joyce

Music by Molly Joyce, Choreography by Jerron Herman, Text by Max Greyson

Lighting design for National Sawdust by Maryam Sweirki and Austin Regan
Lighting design for UCLA Nimoy by Katelan Braymer and Austin Regan
Video design by Molly Joyce and Austin Regan
ASL performance for National Sawdust by Brandon Kazen Maddox and Shelly Guy
ASL performance for UCLA Nimoy by Desiree Monroy and Jasmine Monroy

Photos for National Sawdust by Jill Steinberg
Photos for UCLA Nimoy by Bailey Holiver

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